Competitive Robotics Team in SW Missouri
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Using cutting edge 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD), we design the vast majority of our robots in virtual space before we start building. We leverage our strong relationships with our industry partners to have our parts laser cut, formed, or custom milled.


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Foul Play










A brief timeline view of the history of our team.

  • 03/25/2015

    A Team Reborn

    Team 5730, The Professionals was started by the three students from Monett High School when they found themselves the last remaining members of FRC Team 3784. They decided that a team associated with the school would be more sustainable than a standalone team. In our inaugural year, we attended the regional competition in Oklahoma City. While we didn't do as well as we'd liked in the competition, we won the Rookie All-Star Award. This award qualified us for a spot at the World Championship.

    Statistic Result
    Record 4-5
    Rank 54
    Av. Score 35.44
    Awards Rookie All Star
  • 04/22/2015

    The Big Time!

    At the FIRST World Championship, we competed with the top 600 teams from around the world. We ranked 39th with an average qual score of 124.90. We were also the top rookie seed in Tesla Division, and our human player ranked 3rd overall in Tesla Division.

    Statistic Result
    Record 5-5
    Rank 39
    Av. Score 124.90
    Awards Top Rookie in Division
    #2 Human Player in Division
  • 05/09/2015

    State Bound!

    We also attended the Missouri State Championship event where we were on the Second place alliance.

    Statistic Result
    Av. Score
    Awards Finalist
  • 03/09/2016


    In 2016, we were officially listed as a school club and granted space at the High School to use for meetings and builds. We attended the regional competition in Kansas City where we earned the Quality Award for our durable, tracked robot.

    Statistic Result
    Record 9-5-1
    Rank 16
    Av. Score 90.93
    Awards Quality Award by Motorola
  • 05/14/2016

    State of Redux

    We were again invited to the Missouri State Championship as the #11 ranked robot in the state. In the alliance selections, we elected to captain the #7 ranked alliance going into elimination play.

    Statistic Result
    Av. Score
  • 03/22/2017

    Rookies no more...

    This year marked the third consecutive year for the team to earn awards as we earned the Industrial Design Award for our custom 90 degree gear boxes, our custom winch system, and our 3D CAD designs.

    Statistic Result
    Record 1-6-1
    Rank 57
    Av. Score 189
    Awards Industrial Design Award by General Motors
  • 03/28/2018

    Let the Mecanum wheels roll!

    We are making our 3rd appearance at the Oklahoma City Regional this year and we have our eye on another engineering award.

    Statistic Result
    Record 4-5-0
    Rank 46
    Av. Score
  • 03/06/2019

    Foul Play

    We continued our tradition of attending the regional event in Oklahoma City

    Statistic Result
    Record 7-5-0
    Rank 14
    Av. Score 189
    Awards We didn't win an award but this year was our highest ranking in qualification play
  • 03/11/2020


    This was the first year we had the funding to attend two events. Unfortunately, that didn't happen due to the COVID pandemic.

    Statistic Result
    Av. Score
  • 03/01/2021

    Virtual Robots?

    Since most places are still struggling with COVID, FIRST elected to have a "virtual only" season.

    Statistic Result
    Av. Score

Team Info

Team 5730 is a competitive robotics team based in Southwest Missouri. We are currently a school club at Monett High School.

Meeting Schedule

Due to the COVID pandemic, we are only meeting on Tuesday nights from 6-8PM. We are limiting the number of outside visitors and all attendees must wear masks.

Meeting Location

We meet in the auxillary building at the Monett High School. This building is located directly west of the gym and has two large rollup doors facing the gym. Please enter through the doorway on the south side of the building.


Contact Us

Want to sponsor us? Or would you like more info about joining our team? Just want to chat? Feel free to give us a ring or drop us a line.